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Bogart MacDonald

aka Bogey, Bogey McBogerton, Old Man, BogeyBear

Likes: napping in sunbeams, enjoying retirement, Kongs full of treats, stealing anything that Lola acts remotely interested in

Dislikes: My sister in my face, baths, going outside in the rain

Lola Grace MacDonald

aka Lola, Lola Loo, BooBear

Likes: tormenting my big brothers relentlessly, zoomies, standing/sitting on my mom's face, finding the biggest sticks in the yard to drag around, getting extra muddy, eating all the snow

Dislikes: being in my crate when there is fun to be had elsewhere, having my sticks taken away

Eddie Van Halen Bono MacDonald

aka Halen, Baby Bear, Booski

Likes: wrestling with my new little sister Lola, going to summer farmers markets in the Jeep with my mama, giving exuberant kisses, being mom's favorite (shhhh...)

Dislikes: bananas, not being given adequate snuggle time, and ditto on going out in the rain

Monty x2.png

Montgomery Burns Stewart

aka Monty (informal), Mr. Burns (formal)

Likes: table scraps, tennis balls, absolute (and nuclear) power, Bobo

Dislikes: squirrels, mail carriers, any of the Simpsons (release the hounds)

Jelly "Bean" Higgins

aka Bean, Beanie Baby, Jelly Belly, Gelatin, Gelatina (with Spanish G)

Likes: Yelling, attention, gossiping, belly rubs, sneaking outside

Dislikes: the bottom of the food bowl, closed doors


Shankar A.R.L.J.B. Patel

Likes: seafood high in mercury, pooping in a clean litter box, bird toys/lasers

Dislikes: being touched, long walks on my leash, bird toys/lasers

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