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Monty x2.png

Montgomery Burns Stewart
aka Monty (informal), Mr. Burns (formal)

Likes: table scraps, tennis balls, absolute (and nuclear) power, Bobo

Dislikes: squirrels, mail carriers, any of the Simpsons (release the hounds)

tito lola 4.jpeg

(Left to Right)

Tito MacDonald
aka Tito Frito Bandito, Blue Potato, Sir, the Frenchie, Brunswick the Bowling Ball

Likes: observing and boofing at wildlife in my yard, going to Summer farmers markets in the Jeep with my mama, trying to jump on tall things (and failing miserably), clearing a room, snuggles, snorting/snoring, being mom's favorite (shhhh...) 


Dislikes: following directions, having short legs, not being given adequate snuggle time

Lola Grace MacDonald
aka Lola, Sissy, DoughDuh, White Lightning

Likes: tormenting my little brother, zoomies, standing/sitting on my mom's face, finding the biggest sticks in the yard to drag around, my red frisbee, getting extra muddy, eating all the snow

Dislikes: being in my crate when there is fun to be had elsewhere, having my sticks and frisbee taken away


Tiko Lipuma

Likes: ignoring grandma and sitting on the couch, being carried like a baby, head pats, eating other cats' food


Dislikes: being told to get off the couch by grandma, empty food bowls, kisses


Ugi Lipuma

Likes: hiding under blankets, sunbathing, hunting, kisses, being carried like a baby

Dislikes: winter, Tiki eating his food

Monster .jpg

Monster Boy Lipuma

Likes: tin foil balls, attention, being ignored, kisses, head pats, biting limbs hanging off the couch, changing his mind

Dislikes: attention, being ignored, kisses, head pats, biting limbs hanging off the couch


Chevy Schuiling
aka Mr. Man, Bubba, Lil Chev, Chevrolet 

Likes: hugs, taking his tail for walks, ice cubes, Ted Lasso, white noise machine at night, hikes

Dislikes: when people don't pet him, retrieving, being alone, people on his lawn

Dusty Jones

Likes: laying on the cabinets, eating Sheba, people watching out the window, and chasing his catnip ball


Dislikes: other cats, his grandma, the windows being closed, being told he can’t eat Q-tips 

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