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Active and Recently Completed Grants


Depression Treatment to Reduce the Excess Diabetes Risk of People with Depression and Prediabetes (PI: Stewart)


$412,334 ($275,000 direct costs + $137,334 indirect costs)


This pilot randomized controlled trial (R21 DK 123582; NCT04437485) seeks: (1) to determine the preliminary efficacy of our modernized collaborative care intervention for depression in improving the diabetes risk markers of hemoglobin A1c and insulin resistance and (2) to explore whether somatic depressive symptoms - i.e., hyperphagia (increased appetite/weight) and/or hypersomnia (increased sleep) - moderate the effect of the eIMPACT-DM intervention on diabetes risk markers.


Treating Insomnia to Reduce Inflammation in HIV (Multi-PI: Gupta, Stewart)


$425,537 ($275,000 direct costs + $150,537 indirect costs)


This pilot randomized controlled trial (R21 MH127206; NCT04721067) seeks to evaluate the effects of an

internet cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) called Sleep Health Using The Internet (SHUTi) on

biomarkers of systemic inflammation and monocyte activation in virologically-suppressed, HIV-positive adults

with insomnia disorder.


Longer-Term Cardiovascular and Psychiatric Consequences of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: Prevalence and Insights

into Shared Mechanisms (Multi-PI: Raman, Stewart)



Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (UL1TR002529)

This pilot case-control study, funded by a 2021 Collaboration In Translational Research (CTR) award, seeks: (1)

to assess whether recovered SARS-CoV-2 patients, versus controls, have elevated psychiatric symptoms,

greater subclinical cardiac/vascular abnormalities, and increased biomarkers of systemic inflammation and

coagulation 6-12 months post-diagnosis and (2) to examine whether inflammatory/coagulation biomarkers

are positively associated with psychiatric factors and subclinical cardiac/vascular abnormalities.


Alcohol-Associated Syndemic and Microbiome Evaluation and Targeted Treatment in Persons Living with

HIV (PI: Chichetto)



This aims of this award (K01AA029042) are to test the hypotheses that the alcohol-associated syndemic is

associated with GI dysbiosis and subsequent CVD risk and that targeted supplementation may restore GI

microbiome homeostasis and reduce inflammation.

Recently Completed:

Modernized Collaborative Care to Reduce the Excess CVD Risk of Depressed Patients (PI: Stewart)

4/21/15-3/31/21 (NCE)

$2,647,352 ($1,735,751 direct costs + $911,601 indirect costs)


The aims of this phase II randomized controlled trial (R01 HL122245) are (1) to determine whether a modernized depression intervention called eIMPACT reduces the excess cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk of depressed primary care patients and (2) to identify the mechanisms by which this improvement may occur.

Role: Principal Investigator


HIV, Depression, and Cardiovascular Risk (Multi-PI: Gupta, Stewart, Freiberg)


$2,917,578 ($2,212,471 direct costs + $705,107 indirect costs)


The overall objective of this set of projects (R01 HL126557) is to examine the associations of depressive disorders and treatment with markers of systemic inflammation, coagulation, and endothelial function in HIV-infected adults.

Role: Principal Investigator (Multi-PI)


Internet-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy to Treat Insomnia in HIV (Multi-PI: Gupta, Stewart)


Indiana CTSI (UL1 TR001108), IUPUI Department of Psychology, IU Center for AIDS Research


The aims of this pilot randomized controlled trial are: (1) to evaluate the effect of internet-based cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia on insomnia symptom severity and global sleep quality and (2) to compare measures of frailty and cognitive functioning between those with and without clinical levels of insomnia in people with HIV.

Role: Principal Investigator (Multi-PI)

Influence of Immigrant Status on Providers’ Diabetes Treatment Decisions


This Indiana CTSI Predoctoral Award is funded in part by Grant #UL1TR001108 (Shekhar, PI). The awardee is Loretta Hsueh, a clinical psychology PhD mentee of Dr. Stewart. The objective of this project is to employ virtual human technology to examine the influence of patient immigrant status on primary care providers’ treatment decisions with Mexican American adults with type 2 diabetes. This award also provides training in virtual human technologies, clinical trial design and implementation, and dissemination of research to practice.

Role: Sponsor (Co-Sponsor: Kieren J. Mather, MD)


Red text represents a student working with Dr. Stewart

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